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In the fall of 1969, James Andrew Exum Jr., is 30 years old, a good looking and very wealthy man who inherited his family business at the age of 20, after his father's death. His father, James Andrew Exum, knew that James would one day inherit Exum Textiles. He made sure that the best tutors were brought in five days a week to their family mansion to educate young James.  He was very priviledged, but was extremely sheltered his whole life by his father.  

By chance or fate, one afternoon while James was being chauffeured to Greensboro ,NC, for a business conference, the limo happened to start having mechanical trouble.  The chauffeur pulled into the small town of Elon College for some repair work.


James was enchanted with the small town and all the college students.  He walked around the town of Elon College and thought of everything that he was not able to experience as a college student and the things he missed out on being educated at home.  As he crossed Main Street, an attractive young woman made him stop in his tracks.  He discreetly followed her to her classroom, where he learned she was a history teacher.  He automatically knew he wanted to learn more about her, but how?


As he made his way back to the limo, he saw a board nailed to the outside or a building that had classified ads pinned to it.  One stood out, "Room for rent with personal bath - Call David." He removed the ad and put it in his coat pocket.

He knew in his heart at that moment he wanted something different in life.  He yearned for happy memories with friends and fun times he could look back on and smile about.  Changes were coming for James, and he had to be the one to make that happen.  


From the day that he enrolled in college, a whirlwind of living began for James Andrew Exum, Jr.  He was making memories down south that he will never forget. 

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