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Brotherly Love

Romo Lindy had recently retired as a homicide detective when he received a phone call from his nephew, Tyler, who lived in Philadelphia, telling him that, Paul, Tyler’s dad and Romo’s brother, had been murdered.Paul was an Internal Affairs Officer with the Philadelphia Police Department. He had been working on a case that involved corruption within the department, knowing it could lead to his own death. Paul knew Romo would take over if he were to be murdered, so he left clues about the investigation only his brother would understand, in hopes of identifying and indicting his killer.

A Whisper Away

Just two weeks after marrying her childhood sweetheart, Ellen Mackey received a mysterious letter from her husband alluding to a secret Army mission. When he doesn’t return, Ellen spends the next decade holding out hope for his safe return and taking care of her young son. At the same time, Logan Mackay is trying to recover from injuries sustained from the mission, including memory loss, as he looks to rebuild his life under an adoptive name. Ellen’s passion for finding Logan is the embodiment of love and faithfulness. Over her lengthy quest to find her soulmate, she clings to what Logan wrote in the letter he sent her years before. “Wherever you go, and wherever you may be, I will only be a whisper away.”

Making Memories Down South

n the fall of 1969, James Andrew Exum, Jr., is 30 years old, a good looking and very wealthy man who inherited his family business at the age of 20, after his father’s death. His father James Andrew Exum, knew that James would one day inherit Exum Textiles. He made sure that James had the best tutors brought in five days a week to their family mansion to educate young James. He was very privileged, but was extremely sheltered his whole life by his father. By chance or fate on one afternoon while James was being chauffeured to Greensboro, NC for a business conference the limo happened to start having mechanical trouble. The chuffer pulled into the small town of Elon College for some repair work.

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